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I have already organized three weddings for English people. We have had a really good time and the weddings were just perfect. I like to communicate with the couple, which is really important. They have to trust my services and me so that we talk through things together all the time.

I like the idea that people appreciate, more than us who were born here, our town and our churches and food and wine so to organize the wedding for them is just a pleasure.

We discussed matters constantly usually by email. I like to know their taste about food and location. The spiritual side is also a big consideration to enjoy with the priest if you decide on a Religious Ceremony. The ceremony can be either religious or civil both have equal status as in the UK. I help you with all the documents and all the translation, I take care of the whole organization from the flowers to the music... I like simple things, which are not so difficult to find. I have an access to good people who give me the best products and the best services.

The best period to get married in Italy is between May and June, September and October if you do not like the heat. The traditional Italian wedding started one week before the ceremony, the man with his friends used to go to the bride's house to pick up her hope chest... the mother's bride used to be at home and avoid the ceremony as a symbol of gravity for the losing her daughter.

The mother groom from well off families used to give to the bride a coral necklace as a "gateau" bride. The bride used to be really young and she would leave her house after the wedding to go and live in her husband's house where the whole family used to live. These are some of the things of our tradition, which I believe are important to know to better understand our land and feel more at home.


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