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I have started with a project in Amandola - Moglietta.

There are many pitfalls buying a property in Italy. I can reassure you that the necessary permission is obtained from the local authority and utilities.

The services I usually offer are:

  • Regularly talk to the Architect or Geometra and the Builder about progress
  • Go on site once a week to follow closely and check the quality of the work, taking digital photos
  • Be at the disposal of the Architect or Geometra and the Builder for any problems or queries regarding the project
  • Inform you as soon as possible of any problem or query that may arise
  • Pass on the progress by email, including the digital photos
  • Pass on any requirements or ask any questions that you may have to the Architect or Geometra and the Builder
  • Liaise with the Architect or Geometra and the town hall for any Italian bureaucracy. I have extensive knowledge of the best suppliers, from windows to bathrooms shops and house fitting, plumbers, tiles etc
  • Make the payments for you
  • Keep on eye all the time on the estimate and check with you the unexpected costs
  • Help with the finishing touches
  • Keep a list recording your visits and any outstanding issues
  • Visits on the building site have to check out that things are being done correctly and that yours requests or alteration is fully understood

My regular reporting will update you on all things; that is the only way you can be reassured that things are not getting forgotten and real progress is being made, and your money can be seen to be well spent.

I charge a percentage on the full amount of the project, which must be discussed, on each different case.

I am also doing project management for smaller issues.