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I started to be interested in green energy 10 years ago when I left for my first trip to Brazil.

We discovered that the earth could not possibly provide as much quantities of energy as the amount were consuming forever. We started to be concerned about it; it was the first time that we were thinking about a big problem like that.

In Italy the solar energy could be the answer to a lot of problems in terms of save money and stop creating pollution. In our areas the houses in the countryside could be supplied with solar panels and have enough power for hot water and heating system. I am trying to improve the demand in the market of the solar panels so that the prices eventually would start to fall.

I will be more than happy to be contacted for any more information about the matter.

I have started to research about the best companies around the area who provides alternative energy system.

I would like also to underline the important matter of the recycling. I know that can be quite difficult sometimes but our country side is so beautiful and I strongly believe that we have to look after it, if we want to preserve so much beaty.