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I started my services with English people as a game and sometimes by chance, and it has been going well... In this period, I realize that people need someone to whom they can go and ask about anything.

People coming to Italy need a contact to turn up for help. My family and I have always lived in the area and have built up many local connections.

The agency is a centre, a point of contact, a place to rent for a meeting, a place where you could come with your laptop and use the internet, where people can come and ask for any kind of information, get in touch better with Italian culture, have a cup of tea or a good Italian coffee with the book of the day!

My range of services is wide but that does not mean that I am doing my work rushed or without care. In Italy there is an Association called Slow Food, my Agency is a kind of Slow Life where I take care of my clients, understand their needs and try to make them comfortable with their new surroundings.

I hope you will have a chance to come and visit me in Santa Vittoria and I should be more than happy to give you more information.